Tuesday, January 16, 2018

short story slam week 81 1/11/2018---1/28/2018

Novel Year,
New San Francisco
Fresh Air
Raw Potatoes in San Diego and Hong Kong Venetian Affair

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celebrate Spring, 2018
Way To go,  Atlanta, New Orleans, Little Rock, Lawrence, Pullman, Dallas, Denton, San Disgo, San Jose, Tulsa, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston, Hanon, Annapolis, Helena, Salt Lake City, etc.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

story of the week 80

Happy Birthday To All Babies,
including newborns in 2017,
future borns in 2018,
have a good new year
and enjoy a sweet birthday to jiahong wu,  01/02/1968-01/02/2018, 50 years calculus instruction
God Bless Tom L. Wu, 12/25/1997--12/25/2017, 20 years of wanders and curiosity,

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Image result for suri and katie holmes christmas  Katie Holmes, Suri Holmes-Cruise, Tom Cruise, are they well?

Merry Christmas and Happy 2018!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

short story slam week 80, Merry Christmas, Special Week for the year of Dogs, 2018, 12/28/2017---January 14, 2018...

Bo, first dog from white house,
which makes a black dog world famous due
to Barack Obama /jose Biden administration,
2008---2016, Barack Obama
2016---       ,  Donald Trump